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Renting Is Making Our Lives Easy!

Bags are essential to look fashionable and add a certain flair to your ensemble. And showing off the latest trend wear to an occasion makes a bold statement – to complement a snappy dress, it is important to carry a trendy bag too!

Big brands such as Coach, Louis Vuitton, Furla, and Michael Kors thrive on selling expensive handbags, which are great when new, but over time the style runs out and you are left with the same old bag. To solve the issue of consistently buying new handbags, Be Real has launched a customized platform where you can rent designer handbags. Imagine not spending money every time you need a chic handbag and simply calling for the same one online for a fixed number of days.

Save Closet Space

While the designer bag you own takes up valuable closet space, we make it easy for bags to be dropped and picked up from your location, wherever that may be. You save space in the closet without breaking a buck!

Flaunt Your Bag

When you venture outdoors, you would like to be fashion savvy. The latest bag does exactly that – it makes you look like a fashionista and brings out the confidence you. With in-season and designer handbags on rent, you can uniquely flaunt your style.

For a lunch date, you can carry a crossbody bag for women and for those late-night parties you can show-off a trendy clutch bag and enjoy the peppy look. Repeating bags is a thing of the past, renting allows everyone to flaunt a new bag every-single-time.

Environmentally Conscious

When you rent designer bags you directly contribute to a better and cleaner environment. This is because when you buy a bag, you use it for a considerable amount of time but eventually discard it once it goes out of style. Unfortunately, great looking bags are not made of recyclable materials like cotton, linen, etc. but materials like polypropylene, leather, and vinyl, which are not biodegradable.

By renting designer bags, one will be supporting the environment by contributing to the circular economy of flaunt, share and repeat!

Better Budget Management

Cost of designer bags are through the roof – take for example the cost of a Louis Vuitton bag – which runs into several tens of thousands of rupees. Branded bags aren’t cheap and it takes a toll on the pocket to buy one, that will negatively affect your budget. You are better off by renting a designer bag for just 5700/- that costs a fraction of the price of the actual handbag.

Consign Your Bag

And if you already own a masterpiece designer handbag, and would like to share the love and make side money by renting it, reach out to us! You can put it up for rent, give a variety of options to others and benefit yourself as well. We take extra care of your bag to ensure nothing happens to it.

Why Be Real?

We started with a simple ideology – we want to help fashion and environmentally conscious people who want to look and feel great but don’t want to spend a fortune on designer bags.

Authenticated Handbags – We offer 100% designer products authenticated by our team of product experts, to offer you the latest selection of bags.

Quality Assurance – We ensure only the best products make it our customers, which is why we have a special process to place products on our platform

Environmentally Conscious – We donate 1% of our proceeds to save the environment.

We hope to see you share the love, take countless selfies and get thousands of compliments!

Reach out to us at or 7982103660 to rent/consign your first bag.

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